Re: Cryonet Message #10564 - nanoassembly

Bernard Hughes (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 23:55:38 -0230

Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:

> Bernard Hughes wrote:
> >
> > Hmm. Maybe Lego blocks have more potential than I thought. Don't have time to try
> > this out right now though. Pity.
> You need to take a look at this project:
> This is really a huge lego project, with implications in space
> conquest, medecine, machinery, etc, possibly a universal machine...
> Manu.

Yes. I'd bookmarked that before, but never got back to it. Worth checking. The Robodyne building blocks look quite complex to me, but clever. I've always liked the idea of building a macro assembler out of a diminishing series of half sized components. Came up with the same notion myself some time back. The designer doesn't address problems of positioning or error detection. So I think his claims are rather over-hyped. Still, its more of a start than anyone else has done that I've heard of. Be interesting to see where it goes.


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