topologies of megascale AI (was liliputian posthuman)

christophe delriviere (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 23:28:48 +0100

> Moreover; I would add that the multiple beings have one HugE
> advantage
> over, however wise and intelligent and whatever you can think of as a
> realistic attribute, one and only one individual: the multiple points
> of
> view.
> Even when a point of view is false, when parts of it include
> contrary
> beliefs, lies, redundancies, it's far more richer than one unique set
> of
> beliefs. An example: when a society of persons hold a belief contrary
> to
> its goals or its happiness, it's better than one individual set in the
> same kind of beliefs.
> Manu.

i'm not quite sure of that, an intelligent system with only one identity, some part of this system who provide the illusion of being one, probably to give to this system a quality of "adaptation" to his environnement, can handle a lot of subagents, with something acting like a central planner.
these subagents can compete and give their points of view. according to certain rules (like darwinian evolution) the best points of view are selected.

of course these agents can be very complicated and dynamically evolutive.

i'm wondering what's the best topologies of intelligence could be, in our solar system and his close surrounding, according to our actual scientific worldview.

probably strong aglomeration of matter, to a certain extent provide huge adventages.
but there is a compromise to reach between locality and dispersion.

we could imagine moon size computers surrounded by some kind of utility fog build with something like the liliputian AI you were talking of.

or the moon size computers or asteroids used by a civilisation of small, somewhat equals in their capacities, AI, as mere computers, tools. with no embeded identity is the moon size, asteroids, or jupiter like AI in such case.

i think of it and assuming the whole system is evolutive, i don't think there is a easy to find configuration that is somewhat stable. Probably there is some topological attractors in this problem anyway..

i would like to find more ressources according to this question...

is there somebody who can help?