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Damien Broderick <> Wrote:

>Sorry, that was bundled in as part of the black box protocol. I assume (as
>previous discussions here have elaborated) that one-use pads/keys are sent
>along with the starship. But I still thought that the *return* encoded
>message would be instantaneous or spacelike.

Unfortunately that won't work. I can instantly change the state of your receiver 1000 light years away but I can't send you a message. The message is "encoded" and until you get the equivalent of a one time pad it looks random to you. I can't send you the one time pad ahead of time because I don't know what it will be, I only find out when I actually send the particular message and quantum process create one, so now the only way I have to get the one time pad to you is by old fashioned radio. 1000 years from now when you receive the one time pad you can confirm that I have instantly changed one apparently random state of you receiver into another apparently random state. They weren't really random of course but they would look that way to you until you got the pad.

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