Re: John Glenn's Biometrics...

Spike Jones (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 21:15:51 -0700

my inner geek wrote:

> John Glenn mentioned that his bio monitor is taken as a large pill.
> >From there it monitors his heart rate, temperature, etc.
> We could have surgical implants, like pacemakers, or use
> suppositories (see

ken i have been thinking for some time about a biomonitor that would ride inside the urinary bladder. i have a notion that such a thing could be constructed, perhaps 2 cm in length and not more than about 4 mm diameter so that it could be inserted thru the urethra without surgery. the device would need some sort of telemetry to com link with instruments outside the body.

initially i thought such a device would monitor the chemistry of the urine, perhaps giving some warning of conditions that lead to kidney stones, however i now realize the device might be applicable for monitoring other important functions. spike