Re: ant! experiences

Spike Jones (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 19:51:45 -0700

> > > Joe E. Dees wrote:...There is a certain Godelian critical mass of
> > > cortical complexity (translation: quantity of neurons and synaptic...

> > joe, i wouldnt argue that we could be smart with fewer neurons
> > and synaptic connections. i am supposing that each neuron and
> > synapse could be three orders smaller than ours. spike
> it's logically possible, yes, but technically plausible? I would say no
> (or at least not while any of US live). Joe

oh, i forgot to mention: we hafta die like other mortals, be frozen and then resurrected with help from the little antlike beasties a few centuries from now. {8^) spike