Re: Mind control 1965

Patrick Mullaghy (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 18:26:30 +0100


>>shouldn't the unconscious mind be just as much of an experiencing
>>as the conscious mind is acknowledged to be? In some ways this is the more
>>parsimonious assumption. Put the 'P' back in ESP?

Hara Ra wrote

>I have no problem with the unconscious being an active participant. 'P' is
>just fine. The problem I have is with the 'E'....

I share the spirit of your scepticism, but widespread experience does seem to indicate that telepathy occurs now and again, often between people thousands of miles apart, which would seem to make it ES.

After uploading, however, the question of whether 'thought transference', as it used to be known, is possible between biological brains will surely become moot.

The only nag is whether such apparent ESP's, patchy as they are, indicate some 'dimension,' some nooshpere, which would be ontologically enriching if only we could find the key to exploring/mapping it.

If we vacate the receiving brain, we may never know.

Patrick M.

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