Re: Mind control 1965

Hara Ra (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 23:17:25 -0700

At 07:57 AM 10/20/98 +0100, Patrick Mullaghy wrote:

>In any case, I'm not hung up on OBE's per se. It's just that I've gotten a
>bit suspicious of the practice of explaining much of the standard range of
>paranormal phenomena as products of the unconscious mind. If I say that
>there's a tree outside my window, no one - except perhaps a Berkeleian
>philosopher - would say 'That's just a product of your conscious mind.' Why
>shouldn't the unconscious mind be just as much of an experiencing instrument
>as the conscious mind is acknowledged to be? In some ways this is the more
>parsimonious assumption. Put the 'P' back in ESP?

I have no problem with the unconscious being an active participant. 'P' is just fine. The problem I have is with the 'E'....

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