Re: ant! experiences

Michael Fitzgerald (
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 14:00:43 +1000

> I think it was Joe who wrote:

> Imagine the effect of EOC on a technology enthusiast never exposed to
> sci-fi. Its like the ultimate sci-fi without the fiction. Not once
> did I feel the need to suspend my disbelief...Nearly 100% signal and
> no noise....everything was feasible and sound. Put all of your sci-fi
> rushes together and then realize I got most of them from one book
> within 24 hours...even though a lot of them had to come from "reading
> between the lines"... Drexler is such a conservative fart. I remember
> that day well.

If so, Joe, could you please tell me the title and any other details you might have?
If not, could anyone else help?