Re: TimeTravel

Michael Scarazzo (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 13:24:04 -0700 (PDT)

---Dan Fabulich <> wrote:
> Lady D'Los wrote:
> >Two simple questions which I feel will tickle your brain cells...
> >Timetravel, a Transhuman possability, or just a daydream? Would it
be a
> >good thing, or disastrous?

Actually, I believe that a transhumanist future might have no need at all for backward time travel, because one would have little to learn from primitive pre-singularity humans. I think that it would be neither good nor bad.

> Into the future? Absolutely. Backwards? Almost certainly not.
> Consider: if we were develop backwards time travel at some point in
> future, then someone could have gone back in time to some point before
> today. If time travel will be discovered, then it has already

This reasoning is flawed for a couple of reasons. You are saying that because we do not see something, it is not there. I think that you are also assuming that those beings in the future who do develop full time travel will want to journey to their own past to share the knowledge that time travel will be possible in the future. As beings of finite existence, I believe that time has meaning for us, but perhaps there is no such dimension or measurement at all for those who have infinite existence, as transhumans or post-humans will have.

> Thus, due to the very nature of time travel, if it hasn't happened
> we can safely assume that it never will.

This is assuming much about a technological/biological future that is very difficult to predict and will become virtually impossible to predict as the singularity approaches and passes. Isn't that saying something along the lines of since we've never seen something it must not be. There is no other life in the universe because they have never bothered to come tell us that they are there.


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