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Wed, 21 Oct 1998 12:41:18 -0700 (PDT)

---Bernard Hughes <> wrote:

> [snip] Viewing the past without being able to
> alter it however would not have that problem. That would lead to a
> level of honesty I think. If people could reliably backtrack down your
> timeline to see what exactly you did do, privacy really would be gone.

High speculation brainstorming seed follows:

I call this Peering Into the Past Technology or PIP Tech. If the resolution were good enough, it would mean resurrection for all who had descendants interested in such. Might peering at Earth from the other side of a black hole be a possible PIP Tech - anyone? Even if so, I don't see how you could possibly get the resolution needed. What other PIP Tech's are possible?

Resurrection would occur via the PIP Tech future users scanning the brain of the subject at a time just before his/her death and then implementing it into an upload. You might want your exact coordinates and time of death well documented if PIP Tech is remotely possible. You might want to go as far as documenting the last time before your death that there was no obstruction between you and the sky ( e.g. just before you entered the hospital). You don't want your descendants to have to go through too much trouble - they might just give up, or end up implementing you five years before your death.

This is sort-of unextropian in the sense of dynamic optimism. That is, just sit back and wait... Don't worry,... Be happy. I say, don't count on it. Even if you do, at best, you'll miss out on everything that happens between your death and the invention of PIP Tech (e.g. the singularity).

Ready to evolve in Lamarkian space,

Joe Jenkins

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