Lilliputian Posthumians

Robin Hanson (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:13:19 -0700

>>> my notion at the time was that humans could actually reinvent
>>> ourselves if we mastered nanotech, so that our scale would not
>>> be 2 meters but rather 2 millimeters. our glorified bodies
>>> could be the scale of ants, yet if our atoms were correctly utilized,
>>> we would still be these wonderfully brilliant creatures that we are.
>>> (humble too).
>>> has this notion been explored in sci fi? spike
>>Wrong, wrong, wrong! ... Joe
>Aren't there some nanotechnologists who believe we could change our
>neurons with nanoneurons, still keep our same brain volume, but
>multiply the number of neurones by </I>whatever</I> amount? ... Manu.

See: Lilliputian Uploads. Extropy 7(1):30-31, 1995. A copy is at

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