Re: Defining Transhumanism

Natasha Vita More (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 19:16:59 -0500

First, thanks Max and Robin for your diligence and efforts. I find this discussion quite constructive and in good spirit.

My initial concern in redefining terms is from a professional point of view. In that I have the responsibility of heading an art movement and developing genres of art, lecturing in universities, appearing in public, I need to be sure that what information I am giving out is accurate although I sensibly understand that we are actually discussing variations on a theme.

When I authored the Transhumanist Art Statement, I wrote it in prose with transhumanism in mind. It was my definition of transhumanism in 1983.



Transhumanist Arts represents the aesthetic and creative culture of transhumanity. Transhumanist Artists are developing new and varied modes of art. Our modes of expression are merging with science and technology in designing increased sensory experiences. We seek more critical thinking and less mysticism as we continue to evolve.

Transhumanist Artists want to extend life and overcome death. We plan to do so with vitality and amplified creativity. Emotions are integral to sensing and understanding life. We exercise a transhuman ecology of self-awareness and the pursuit of truthfulness. If our art represents who we are, then let us chose to be transhuman not only in our bodies, but also in our values.

The Transhumanist Arts embraces the creative innovations of transhumanity. We are ardent activists in pursuing infinite transformation, overcoming death and exploring the universe. As Transhumanist Arts comes into focus, as the tools and ideas of our art continue to evolve, so too shall we.

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