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>You didn't know that the world's leading high tech electronics
>company was interested in things Psychic?
>Then check this:

No longer:

South China Morning Post
Internet Edition
Tuesday July 7, 1998
Sony sees sense to discontinue ESP research


Japan's Sony Corporation says it has proved extra-sensory perception exists - but has closed down its ESP research facility because there did not seem to be any way to turn the knowledge into marketable products.

Sony had a team of five researchers, who spent seven years inviting people who claimed to have psychic powers into their laboratories for a series of scientific tests to see if they really did have these powers, company spokesman Masanobu Sakaguchi said.

"We found out experimentally that yes, ESP exists, but that any practical application of this knowledge is not likely in the foreseeable future," he said.

Mr Sakaguchi said a typical experiment involved having a qi gong practitioner put qi, or spiritual energy, into a glass of water and then having another practitioner detect which glass contained the qi.

"They were right 70 per cent of the time, and if it was random guessing they would have been right only 50 per cent of the time," he said. The experiments were repeated so often that any chances of a statistical fluke were ruled out, he said. Other experiments produced similar results for things like discerning hidden objects and detecting colours without looking, he said.

"We were unable to detect qi with any machine; it seems only people can detect it," he said. Possibilities like packing qi gong energy in batteries were thus too remote to justify more research, he said.

Masaru Ibuga, one of Sony's founders, set up the ESP research centre in 1991 after he became interested in qi gong and other unexplained aspects of Chinese medicine. His death this year may be the real reason the research was discontinued.