Re: Defining Transhumanism

Robin Hanson (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 10:38:50 -0700

Kathryn Aegis writes:
>Transhumanism, in its barest form, could be defined in dictionary format in
>two parts as (i) 'the field of study focusing on the transhuman' and (ii)
>'the set of human endeavors to become a transhuman.' If we set up a
>two-part expanded definition paralleling this in the FAQ, it would go a long
>way towards resolving the stupid endless argument between the technologists
>and philosophers that has plagued us since the beginning. I've been
>thinking in dictionary terms lately, because the editors of the OED are in
>fact considering adding these two terms to the OED, and they are tending
>towards this sort of structure in a definition as well.

This OED proposal looks fine by me, as I do see two distinct uses of the term, one positive and one normative. Now what are they thinking of using to define "transhuman"?

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