Need Extropian Assistant

David A. Kekich (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 11:47:56 -0400

Need Interesting, Vibrant, Extropian Assistant

Help, Before I sink!

A cry of help rings out from a lifeboat in the midst of a dead sea of intellectual mediocrity.

By a quirk of fate, I'm stuck in a small to mid-sized Western Pennsylvania town, surrounded by wonderfully honest, friendly, hard-working but mostly unstimulating people.

Here's what I have to offer my assistant:

  1. A beautiful big new house to live in (Optional).
  2. Free extropian chow (if you live-in).
  3. Good company (me).
  4. An unusually great opportunity to earn a fantistic income, if:
  5. You're an up-beat, positive energized person.
  6. You're smarter than I am (Don't worry, I'm probably the dumbest person on this list).
  7. You're ambitious.
  8. You can follow directions and be creative at the same time.
  9. You're willing to kick me when I don't follow my own advice.
  10. You're a non-smoker.
  11. You don't do drugs.
  12. You can breeze through a thorough background check (civil, criminal, credit, references, etc.)
  13. You take pride in your intellectual well-being.
  14. You take pride in your physical well-being.
  15. You're not obese.
  16. You're not too arrogant to be my student, but you're strong enough to be my teacher.
  17. You share my goal of an open-ended life-span.
  18. You know or are willing to learn the basics of the financial markets.
  19. You have good telephone skills.
  20. You're computer literate.
  21. You're organized.
  22. You're neat and clean.
  23. You're psychologically stable.
  24. You're a anarchist at best... or a Libertarian at worst.
  25. You're willing to temporarily relocate to Western Pennsylvania (and maybe eventually to the San Diego area).

Here's a little about me:

I'm a middle aged, single straight male. The biggest influences on my life were Ayn Rand, Galambos and Wallace Ward (founder of Neo-Tech).

I'm a long-term cryonicist. I work out every day; stick to a healthy non-vegetarian diet; pop supplements like peanuts; drink a little; work a lot; don't read as much as I should... or used to; run a successful home-based financial/marketing business and discovered I was an immortalist around 25 years ago.

What I need is someone with an active brain to help keep me on my toes, to share good conversation with when I have time, to cross-pollinate ideas, to help me grow my business and to share the income it generates.

What I need is a kindred spirit - male or female, black or white, young or old. Someone with a thick skin and a tender heart. Someone who absolutely loves life and can't get enough of it.

So if you qualify and are interested, then email me at <>.

David A. Kekich

P.S. I can be bawdy at times and a gentleman at others. I read mostly business materials because of time constraints, but I do enjoy SF when I can. I watch a little TV, mostly golf, movies, a sitcom or two, news and an occasional football game. I have a strong, written, committed personal code of ethics; love to joke around and trade insults; sleep a tad more than I should; enjoy the good fortune of having lots of long-term wonderful friendships and am slowly making my dreams come true.