Re: Aha! experiences

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 19:08:48 -0400

J. Maxwell Legg wrote:

> I just read: "The Implementation of a
> Constructivist Approach to the
> Resolution of Prejudice"
> "Consider the man who has learned to shoot game (learning 1, rifle
> shooting) and who
> announces he enjoys shooting game (elephant and hippopotamus). He risks
> verbal
> attack from people who disapprove for ecological reasons. On the first
> occasion that
> this happens the hunter will realize that s/he is amongst an anti-blood
> sports group.
> The time spent hunting which is appreciated with hunting groups has
> another
> meaning for this group. A new context is learned. Learning at this
> logical level is not
> about behaviour but about the categories of contextual organization of
> behaviour (e.g.,
> Bateson 1979, p.134). "

Very interesting. But how do you communicate with anti-blood sports people (who paradoxically may occasionally eat slaughtered meat) the facts that:

  1. since 98%+ of the negative impact of mankind upon the ecology is due to organized agriculture, NOT bloodsports, that their 'ecological reasons' are total hogwash if they are eating grains, tofu, beans, etc. etc. etc which destroy natural habitat.
  2. since, as just posted on this list the facts that 1) low calorie diets promote longevity, and 2) high carb vegetable diets cause much of the Insulin Resistance effects associated with aging, and 3) wild game meat is extremely low in fats, cholesterol, and are high in useful protein (as opposed to farm bred animals), that
  3. living on and practicing a diet based on wild game caught via 'blood sports' is actually a more ecologically concious and healthy lifestyle than protecting, practicing and promoting an organized agriculture based vegetarian diet.... they should go out, get off their butts and hunt down and kill their own food. Its much better exercise as well....

Mike Lorrey