Re: Defining Transhumanism

Robin Hanson (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:41:41 -0700

Hal Finney writes:
>> where are the people who believe that big technology-induced
>> change is coming, and think that is a terrible thing?
>There are a lot of people who believe this, but the change they foresee
>is different from what we anticipate. They expect ecological disaster,
>overpopulation, melting of the ice caps, famine, etc. Everyone would
>agree that if these things happen, it would be terrible.

My proposed definition:

Transhumanism is the idea that new technologies are likely to change the world so much in the next century or two that our descendants will in many ways no longer be "human."

looks not at all big technolgy induced change, but at change that would make our descedants no longer human. The changes you cite do not threaten folks "humanity." It doesn't sound like you disapprove of my definition.

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