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>> Remote mind control by radio-controlled brain implants
>> had been mastered as far back as 1964, to the point that
>> scientists "played" animals "like little electronic toys,"
>> according to the following New York Times article:
>Very interesting indeed! this for real?

IAN: Yes! I just transcribed that myself after printing it from the microfilm at the library.

The featured scientist, Dr Delgado, also wrote a book called "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society." It seems, if much of the material on him on the net is true, that he was a open advocate for the mass implantation of brain chips -- chips a'hoy! -- to reach the goal of a "Psychocivilized Society." The military has been vary interested in his work.

>One would think that if such amazing feats were already possible
>more than 30 years ago, "wired" people (criminals for example) and
>animals would be a common sight by now...What is the current status
>of this kind of research anyway?

IAN: I wondered how could it be that 33 years after that article was written it still sounds like science fiction. I found it fascinating because whenever the topic of remote mind control comes up, the routine reaction seems to be claims that it cannot be done, that it's crazy talk and then the next things mentioned are usually Elvis, UFOs, and Area 51 -- but not necessarily in that order. I guess that makes it all the more eerie when you uncover a 33 year old article where what I'm told by educated people cannot to be done today, was done routinely almost a half century ago. Do you realize how much all sciences have evolved since 1965? 65 was virtually the stone age; computers that fit in your hand then were 5000 lbs.

The status of the type of mind control experiments conducted by Dr Delgado seems to be of the classified military variety. In fact, it was such classified research that the US military contracted Dr Delgado to do. It's a pretty disturbing situation if we can see it through the haze of "crazy, UFO, Area 51" rhetoric. I got the cite for the article I just transcribed from on of these articles, which have some surprising information: Voices In Your Head:

Mind Control. By Harry Martin & D. Caul:

Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society:

Federation of American Scientists page on US PSYOP:

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