Re: Aha! experiences

J. Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 14:50:02 +1300

Spike Jones wrote:
> Scott Badger wrote:
> > Where I work, it would have been socially and politically
> > courageous of me to bring up or admit that I was an
> > Agnostic . . . let alone an Atheist.
> why is that? are you a minister or something? none of
> my business really, just curious.

I just read: "The Implementation of a

       Constructivist Approach to the
              Resolution of Prejudice"

"Consider the man who has learned to shoot game (learning 1, rifle shooting) and who
announces he enjoys shooting game (elephant and hippopotamus). He risks verbal
attack from people who disapprove for ecological reasons. On the first occasion that
this happens the hunter will realize that s/he is amongst an anti-blood sports group.
The time spent hunting which is appreciated with hunting groups has another
meaning for this group. A new context is learned. Learning at this logical level is not
about behaviour but about the categories of contextual organization of behaviour (e.g.,
Bateson 1979, p.134). "