Re: Aha! experiences

Hara Ra (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:48:39 -0700

>But then again, every time I think of uploading, I think about the way it
>feels to jog down a path at sunset with a cool breeze blowing across
>my skin....and a host of other bodily pleasures.

A good upload will include a body image and a good interface, so you will not be able to distinguish artifical stimuli from real ones, save for perhaps an icon in the corner of your awareness. Believe me, good upload surrounds (Egan's "viewpoints" in Diaspora) will be much in demand, a kind of combination of Hollywood and Real Estate.....

So you can enjoy things which are beyond your present abilities, like surfing the Big Waves on Oahu, doing the Olympic luge and the like. Here you get both environment and a well tuned, sensate and sensous body.

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