Re: Aha! experiences

den Otter (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 12:30:52 +0100

> From: Scott Badger <>

> It seems to me that the idea of uploading takes this trend to it's logical
> conclusion. Freeing ourselves from the limitations imposed by the
> body means precisely that we seek to possess a "will" that is utterly
> and completely free from biological mandates and predispositions.
> Given this premise, I conclude that we as uploads would not want to
> simulate emotional states in order that we might "feel" like a human
> again...subject to the mercurial vissicitudes thereof (sorry). Picking
> and choosing to experience our favorite emotions sounds like fun
> as long as it's under complete control.
> But then again, every time I think of uploading, I think about the way it
> feels to jog down a path at sunset with a cool breeze blowing across
> my skin....and a host of other bodily pleasures.

So, why give that up? Once uploaded, you could continue to jog down sunlit paths either in a VR world or a "real" one (by means of telepresence) while other parts of your massive brain "subconsciously" (or not - your choice) conduct their scientific work, maintainance, simulation control etc. Uploading opens up a world of infinite choice without having to make any sacrifice whatsoever. You lose *nothing*. If you so desire, you could be a god without ever "knowing" it, since your memory and consciousness are yours to manipulate. You could be an upload already...