Re: Looking for Info. on Self-Replication/Microprocessor Design

Dan Clemmensen (
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 19:32:49 -0400

> >I'm also wondering if anyone has any experience in
> >designing full microprocessors (ie: x86 processors, RISC
> >chips, or other similar large-scale devices). I'm wondering
> >what kind of educational background was required to get to
> >that stage, and what I need to do to either find out or go
> >down that path.
> >
> Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry
> Graduate in Semiconductor Design
> Trade magzine subscriptions (free if you fill out the form as Sr Engineer
> of a company of 30 or so employees, check other bubbles at random)
> Electronic Design
I find the web versions to be a lot more useful. in particular:
It's updated several ties a day. reading it every day feels like a roller-coaster ride to the singularity.