Re: Health Freedom Fact

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 13:03:51 -0400

At 01:48 AM 10/8/98 +1300, J. Maxwell Legg wrote:

>> IAN: Do you have any evidence to support this "very
>> strong statistic" that would show that the purported
>> highest-rate of throat cancer is linked to vagabonds?
>None other than the common sense fact that this statistic was only cited as
>a 'might be the case', a 'for instance' to support the company's prospectus
>of this thread's original 'brainwashing', 'propaganda' proposition; - a
>point of view for which I'm sure there are many other examples that one
>could throw into the pot of probabilities. Aside from the 1/3 probability
>that a drug research $100m startup would write the scam into their
>prospectus that Amsterdam's elephant's graveyard actually requested the drug
>trial on humanitarian grounds then I have no reason to doubt what I read.
>Actual hard copy of the prospectus would have to be dug up by a local in
>Vancouver. I could identify the name but can't recall it.

IAN: I think that I raised a solid statistical case that left your rumor-based case nonexistent. Kessell-Haak and I also raised several reasonable questions to which your only response is the inflammatory diatribe seen above. It reminds me of your rants on the zero conspiracy.

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