Re: Health in Amsterdam

Ian Goddard (
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 02:06:18 -0400

At 09:09 PM 10/6/98, Hara Ra forwarded:

>>I wonder how the rest of Holland compares to Amsterdam.
>>I was born and lived in Holland for 29 years. The last six years thereof in
>>One year, before I stopped smoking, I had more throat infections than there
>>are months in a year. Not only do so many people smoke, you can't get away
>>from secondary smoke. It is everywhere. Even though I love Holland, I can
>>hardly stand being there anymore, because of my hyper-sensitivity to smoke.

IAN: I believe he must mean smoke tobacco. As the statistics I cited indicated, 42.7% of Amsterdamers smoked tobacco in the last week, which, lets face it, means they are probably addicts, since very few smoke tobacco now and then. That means just about half of all the people you know, if you live in Amsterdam, smoke tobacco -- that's an amazingly high rate!

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