Re: Health Freedom Fact

J. Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 05 Oct 1998 19:49:54 +1300

"Gerhard Kessell-Haak (Gerhard Kessell-Haak)" wrote:
> >Though sometimes links come from the most surprising places. For
> >instance, when I was in Vancouver to investigate a startup with a
> >drug/laser therapy (good for throat cancer) it was revealed that the
> >only place they could test their regime was in Amsterdam. It turns out
> >that Amsterdam in 1994 had the highest rate of throat cancer in the
> >World. I wonder why!
> I'm assuming you're referring to the supposedly excessive use of a
> certain _green_ herb in Amsterdam. Some recent statistics I've seen,
> however, suggest that usage in the Netherlands for 'natives' is
> comparable to other European countries. Although the stats didn't
> mention Amsterdam, I'd imagine a similar story. In fact, most of it is
> apparently used by foreigners, due to the novelty of being able to use it
> lawfully. Consequently, I doubt there is a strong connection.

Considering that transients might end up dying of throat cancer in Amsterdam then the fact that they bring their ailments with them creates a very strong statistic. My point was however that a link once baited in peoples minds is very hard to shake. At least I changed my smoking habits after stumbling onto this fact.