Re: John Harvey Kellogg?

Spike Jones (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 20:14:51 -0700 wrote:

> Someone mentioned Dr. Kellogg as being an example of what Seventh Day
> Adventism is the most extropian christian religion. Dr. Kellogg was an
> insane anti-masturbation fanatic...

certainly doc kellogg had some wacky ideas. but in the context of his times, had some good ones too. he was one of the early proponents of a low fat diet, antismoking, clean food, clean water. i think of him as not so much an insane anti-maturbation fanatic, but as a somewhat misguided, highly talented anti-masturbation fanatic. {8^D were he living today, in the age of aids, he might well realize that the practice he so opposed is the only form of truely safe sex... spike