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Spike Jones (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 10:02:31 -0700 wrote:

> Natasha wrote...
> >I don't think that conventional Buddhism ties in so neatly to extropianism...

> wrote: Yes I agree, Buddhism does not tie neatly...rather I
> said it the most Extropian of the established religions...

ok, but for the most extropian of *christian* denominations, i nominate seventh day adventism.

reasoning: sda has the concept of soul sleep. this fits nicely with cryonics. other denominations, and many nonchristian religions, must answer the question "what happens to to the immortal soul when one is frozen?" which turns out to be a tough question. the seventh day adventist has no such problem.

also, in sda is the tradition of trying offbeat medical technology. consider the pioneering work of sda john harvey kellogg with his breakfast foods and early work in diet and health. consider the very progressive ethics department of loma linda medical center, dr lenard bailey, et al, who try exciting techniques such as baboon to infant human heart transplants. waaay extropian. consider the proton accelerator for the nonsurgical treatment of slow growing cancers.

i have queried a number of seventh day adventists, traditional hard liners, and not one can think of any reason within the context of that religion, why cryonics should not be attempted. spike