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Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark) <> wrote:

>In that I have been a yoga teacher and mediate, I have no other comment on
>this and I'd rather not go on a tangent.

I think you meant meditate, right? I would think that the Extropian approach to meditation might include the use of what are typically referred to as "mind machines" or "light/sound machines". These little electronic devices use flashing lights and sounds (through goggles and headphones) to *induce* various states of consciousness. I have one and it does work. One of the difficult aspects of meditation for me was getting down to that almost hypnogogic state then trying to stay there without falling asleep or becoming distracted and rising out of the state. Taking advantage of a phenomenon in the brain referred to as "the frequency following response", the light/sound machine ramps me downward to a dominant brain wave frequency and holds me there for whatever time period I specify. There are also devices designed to induce lucid dreams for those who were discussing this interesting phenomenon. You can get free demo software to try it out yourself through your PC at I just found it and haven't tried it yet but let's see what happens, shall we?

Of course the manufacturers and vendors often claim that these things can do about everything except walk your dog.

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