Re: Great Leonid Meteor Storm

Spike Jones (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 22:38:51 -0700

> >>Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:
> >>
> >>> This year I missed the Persig Showers which occur mid-August. I was
> >>> disappointed because it is an annual event I enjoy very much...
> Correction: Persid Showers. (A zen in the art of typo maintenance.)
> Natasha

well ok, natasha, but as long as we are correcting zen typos, its Perseid showers, after the costellation Perseus. i even go to the extreme of using an upper case, to complete my act of *quality* anal retentiveness... ;-] we knew what you meant tho... {8^D

i too am a major pirsig fan. i picked up his book thinking it was about motorcycles (i ride), and it entered my top 20 list, the top of which was hofstadter's stunning masterpiece, which led to my post about books. {8-] spike