Re: oops..

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 22:28:53 -0400

Zeb Haradon wrote:
> Sorry about those last few postings.. I forwarded that spam a few times to
> the adress in the text that it said to write to if you're interested..
> apparently that adress forwarded it directly to the list..

Actually, it is the list itself that causes this. Any message sent to the list gets a "Reply-To:" header put on it. This makes it so that any replies to list messages are also distributed to the entire list. The side-effect is that when spammers send messages through the list, they appear to be messages from the list, and all replies likewise go to the entire list.

We have had this problem before. Sometimes replies to spammers get duplicated to the entire list. Sometimes replies to members of the list get duplicated to the entire list acceidentally. Sometimes we even see messages sent to the list under one name get duplicated again to the list under another name.

So the "oops" wasn't directly your fault. You just have to be careful replying to Extropian-list messages, because the headers are being tweaked to automatically duplicate messages in ways that you might not expect.

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