Re: anti-spam strategies

J. Maxwell Legg (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 13:09:19 +1200

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> On the contrary, while I already have several lawyers I know personally who
> are starting to work on this for me, with no retainer, I also know of
> lawyers who specialize in class actions, stockholder lawsuits, etc, work on
> these projects on contingency, since they stand to gain up to 1/3 of any
> judgement won.

This type of spam is not directed at extropy for the purpose of creating influence or attempting to gain monetary reward. On the contrary, my guess is that each spam is a bullet in an info war of attrition being waged by spider-like dissidents against the contradictory laissez faire libertarian capitalist strategy of the extropy institute. Responses like yours only incite the spammer and in the end people will get exhausted by the broken cobwebs of communication on this list and quit. Could this be the objective of the spammer in this case?