Re: Logic of Zero

Ian Goddard (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 11:29:40 -0400

At 02:52 AM 9/28/98 +1200, J. Maxwell Legg wrote:

>Why all the above concerns the "Logic of Zero" is because I can't help
>feeling that the Thugee tricked the world into a global economic minima
>based on the number zero. ERGO: Ian Goddard's learned pattern of
>response, which in another fora he might agree could be accounted for
>by drug-induced learning without volitional cognition.
>Whereas, "The human brain gets out of this eventual evolutionary trap
>of closed loop cybernetics through the semiotic-based process of
>"Feedforward" anticipatory strategies." I don't hold out much hope
>for a world trapped by the "Logic of Zero."

IAN: Apart from inflammatory talk of a global conspiracy to oppress the masses with zero and personal attacks on me, I have not seen any logical support for your views on zero. I even raised several questions about your claims which you have systematically ignored.

Of those questions, perhaps the most relevant are: What is the definition of change you imply that does not employ zero? And: How is change measured free from differentiation from a state of no (i.e., of zero) change?

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