Re: WIRED 6.01/technocracy R.I.P.

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 21:37:43 -0800

> From:

> I didn't think you were confusing the terms stasist and statist
> myself, *however*, part of my objection to the Postrel article is
> that *she* seems to conflate the two herself.

There is a certain similarity, as a large majority of people want at
least some change -- they want to be more prosperous themselves --
and it will take a big government to hold them all down.

> She implies at the
> beginning of the essay that the metaphor of building a bridge to the
> future contains the implicit assumptions that there is one right
> future and that only a Big State is capable of building it.

If the bridge to the future is a government project, it will fall
behind schedule and the rest of us will get there first. Hm...
sounds like an interesting idea...
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