Immortality and Historiography

Hara Ra (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:25:24 -0800

GBurch1 wrote:
> I wonder what other factors we might look to to offset the negative impact
> immortality may have on historiography? What might the long-term effect of
> this restriction on the historical record be?

Excellent Question....

How about declaring (and legally so) that the duration of any
information is limited to a period of say, 50 or 75 years. When a
person is revived, a backup copy is made, which can be examined by
anyone after this time interval. This includes upload conversion and
complete interviewing of the upload. Also, it might be mandated that all
persons who are immortal must make a backup copy, subject to the same
rules, at intervals of 25 - 50 years.

How to implement this is indeed a thorny problem. One way might to
provide a financial incentive for making such backups and later sell the
information they contain. I consider myself (when revived) a living
antique anyway, and my memories may well be my only salable assets...

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