Re: The Violence Solution

Juan Vaquer Jr. (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 20:58:44 -0700

Incredibly, Abraham Moses Genen wrote this bullshit on the list:

"There is a problem here that far to many people fail to understand. Ethically,
we must consider the concerns and fates of our fellows if we are to reduce if
not eliminate social inequities. The issue as I see it is to transcend our
selfishness for the common good.

"Can we focus on greater involvement by increasing direct participation in
government and eliminating the "them vs. us" syndrome that our so-called
representative government is degenerating into?"

Is this guy for fucking real?

Are you sure there are --?

You know what? What does it take to get a mailing list started? is it demanding
on your hardware? What software is required? We need a fucking dedicated and
moderated extropian and libertarian list to get rid of this bullshit! I don't
find this crap funny at all!

Oh, let me guess: "You need Unix to run a mailing list; can't do it on