Re: Child Rearing

Tony Hollick (
Wed, 31 Dec 97 01:31 GMT0

In reply to: Kennita Watson:

<<Lee Daniel Crocker's comment>>

>> If he thinks he can master this subject in a few years,
>> he's simply living in a dream-world, and will believe anything.

> There's no need to insult the man -- he's certainly living no more in
> a world of his own devising than are most of us. And if you think
> he'll "believe anything", I'm not sure you're reading the same posts
> of his that I am.

It's necessary to awaken him from a stupor wheby he sleep-walks into
catastrophe. The memes of 'poisonous pedagogy' can terminate his
life. More to the point, if he cares about values, he'll want to
preserve and protect them (unless he's so isolated that he sees the
world entirely in terms of his own survival, in which case he's
cognitively badly crippled, and needs our assistance. For his own
good... >:-} ).

> Maybe he doesn't intend to have children of his own. In any case,
> I imagine that if he does have them, he won't torture them -- at
> least not on purpose.

As you might guess, my concern is with the impact on them, not
his intentions, however 'good.'

[ FX: "I only torture them accidentally, your Honor!" ]

[ FX: "Oh, that's all right, then..." ]

> I consider that my own hyper-rational upbringing was a torture of its
> own kind, that manifests itself occasionally in intellectual bludgeoning

This sounds most interesting. What form did this upbringing take?

> (I think I temper it with politeness and other concessions to people's
> emotional sides, which Lee seems to eschew -- which explains a lot).

You mean, you're a kinda _svelte_ killer? >:-}

A different kind of Combat Masterpiece? >:-}

> Enough for now.
> Kennita

Not for me it's not! >:-}

/ /\ \

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