Re: Future Technologies of Death

Anders Sandberg (
30 Dec 1997 22:11:45 +0100

Hal Finney <> writes:

> a problem here is whether the entity truly understands that he is
> demanding the rights versus just parroting a demand. In the case of
> a minor child who wishes to be emancipated I believe the judge will
> go through a series of questions with the child to try to determine
> whether he understands all the ramifications of his request. Perhaps a
> similar thing could be done with a program, or a chimpanzee, demands to
> be set free.

Yes, some kind of "responsibility Turing test" might be needed. Maybe
it could consist of several scenarios the requester is confronted
with, and its actions are studied, especially when asked to predict or
extend the scenario. For example, the child might be asked "How will
you pay for food and rent if we make you an adult?". Even better would
be some kind of VR scenario where the requester experiences the
possible situations as if it had these rights, and sees their

This is tricky. But I think it might be worthwhile, even in a limited form.

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