Re: Child Rearing

Kennita Watson (
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 09:25:33 +0000

Tony Hollick wrote:
> What I cannot understand is how Lee Daniel Crocker can be so little
> interested in this problem. If he waits until he has children of his
> own, it'll likely be too late. He'll either bring his kids up the way
> he was brought up; or he'll make a conscious effort to bring them up
> differently. If he thinks he can master this subject in a few years,
> he's simply living in a dream-world, and will believe anything.

There's no need to insult the man -- he's certainly living no more in
a world of his own devising than are most of us. And if you think
he'll "believe anything", I'm not sure you're reading the same posts
of his that I am.

Maybe he doesn't intend to have children of his own. In any case,
I imagine that if he does have them, he won't torture them -- at
least not on purpose. I consider that my own hyper-rational
upbringing was a torture of its own kind, that manifests itself
occasionally in intellectual bludgeoning (I think I temper it with
politeness and other concessions to people's emotional sides, which
Lee seems to eschew -- which explains a lot).

Enough for now.