Re: [Fwd: More news on MIT Aging research]

Hara Ra (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 22:16:46 -0800

Hal Finney wrote:

> Not to say that this information is useless; curing some diseases and
> possibly even a moderate 5-10% increase in maximum lifespan would be
> a wonderul advance. But it is not likely to solve the aging problem.

I regard my body as a kind of legacy system. Though various kinds of
life extension and anti aging treatments obviously have their value,
there comes a point where the variety and proliferation of breakdowns
becomes irreversible, or too costly to continue treatment. I am not
hopeful that this mongrel body of mine can be maintained much beyond the
100 year mark.

I envision that when this cost horizon appears that the best thing to do
is to perform an upload and transfer to a newly constructed body. For
those of us enamored of inhabiting the same body, this becomes a cycle,
repeated every 30 - 50 years or so...

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