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Mon, 29 Dec 1997 18:38:37 -0500

I've kept quiet on this mailing list for awhile, but I couldn't resist
this tempting question.

I won't dance around the question, trying to be cute by "thinking outside
the box". I feel that it's a fairly straight forward question and deserves
a fairly straight-forward answer.

I believe the most important change that I'd make would have to do with
self-expression in public, especially concerning children. I've just left
an environment where children were really not allowed to express themselves
fully without the constant fear of peer-rejection and authoritative
disapproval. Being that the future of humanity rests in children, such as
myself, I hate to see them being bound and limited in their behavior and

Of course individual civil rights would play a large role in saying when
too much self-expression is at hand... who am I to say when enough is
enough? This personal indecisiveness will probably take away from my main
point, but I thought it was important to add that there will always be
limitations to socially-acceptable expressionism.

That's enough for now... but as for us being "tested", I make it a point
never to trust anyone using anonymous e-mail... After all, I've got a
hotmail account as well. ;]

the child

XTU X wrote:

> Question: If you were to reinvent the rules of society, what behaviour
> would you deem socially unacceptable and why?
> You are being tested.
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