Re: Bishop's "Mr. Fusion"

Forrest Bishop (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 12:14:31 -0800

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
> Hello. Last August (1997), I described a nanonuke design in which an array of
> quantum-well lasers fired from all directions at a deuterium pellet; this was
> an improvement over standard inertial-confinement methods. Forrest Bishop
> replied that he had come up with a similar idea, called "Mr. Fusion", of which
> his reply constituted the first public disclosure.
> That language makes me think he might want to patent it, and I happen to be
> reading up on patent law right now. I hope that Mr. Bishop has not yet filed
> a patent application. A special statute probibits the patenting of nuclear
> weapons.

My concept is for a nuclear reactor, not a bomb. The name is taken from
a movie
depicting such a device. I had considered patenting some time ago, but
abandoned it for several reasons. Firstly, "reducing to practice" is
problematical. Many isues would have to be clarified, and I have other
to do. There are also much sweeter means of acheiving the same thing,
which I
might patent.

Forrest Bishop
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering