Re: Guns and ideas

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 11:16:14 -0800 (PST)

From: John K Clark <> writes:

>>He [Stallone] hasn't hurt anyone has he? Isn't he free to do what
>>he wants? He's made a lot of money doing something harmless,
>>shouldn't you be cheering him on?

>I agree completely. He's entertained millions hurt nobody and
>gotten rich doing it. It sounds very Extropian to me.

<sheesh> this was only one example, hollywood is full of people who
make a living shooting guns then walk around saying how they should
be illegal.

Politicians are even worse.

1) The suburb of Morton Grove IL announces they are banning
handguns, the news is carried worldwide,the Morton Grove council
exempts itself (including concealed carry) and the wife of the
mayor buys a handgun the next day.....

2) 1983 The city of Chicago city council makes registering new
handguns illegal, thereby effectively banning handguns within the
city limits, they of course exempt themselves, and numerous Chicago
alderman practice concealed carry......

The list goes on and on...

Since this thread is going nowhere, this is my last comment on the