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Mon, 29 Dec 1997 17:42:41 +0300 (MSK)

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Texas Instruments Integrates Copper with Low-k Material (aerogel) to
Achieve Dramatic Reductions in Both Resistance and Capacitance. TI claims
this technology scales to 0.5 Transistors/die and GHz clocks, wants to use
it in their next-generation DSPs.
more also under:

Digital Light Processing (my long-time favourite: should be great for
ubiquitous beamers and head-up VR and augmented reality).

TI's new 'C6x family member claims to deliver 1.6 GOPs, 1 GFlop @200 MHz.
The 'C6x family (which delivers now what Merced will in the future)
Other DSP's by TI:

Xilinx' VirtexTM Series of FPGAs 1,000,000 System Gates at 100+ MHz in 1998

Parallel Processing for Linux HOWTO
Communication latency has been identified as a bottleneck for many
applications (it certainly is for molecular dynamics). For el cheapo
low-latency networking, check out the PAPERS project:

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