Re: Future Technologies of Death

Hara Ra (
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 23:13:36 -0800

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> > I, my clones, my multiple bodies, selves and variations, constitute
> > a SPECIES.
> True enough; but also true of the species Geoffrey Dahmer, and
> species Ted Bundy,...

Well, Dahmer is dead and I don't know the fate of Bundy. I know that as
a cryonicist, I increase the probability of creating more members of my
species than they do... (and who knows what evils lurks in the hearts of

> In the new phase of memetic evolution, where "we" are teleological
> threads of execution, represented by patterns of mass-energy, and
> acting upon resources of mass-energy, how can progress be achieved
> without risking the creation of errant threads and killing them
> off when necessary?
Well, there's always destruction of habitat. I expect some threads will
control more resources than others and that there will be contention.
Some of it peaceful, as controlled by the market, with less robust
threads consigned to static storage. Some of it by forms of combat in
upload space, who knows what that will be like?? Then there's good ole
war, right??

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