Re: Guns and Ideas

Dwayne (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 11:00:09 +1100 (EST)

> Dwayne <> Sat, 27 Dec 1997 Wrote:
> >Would John actually use violence if someone tried to prevent him
> >from saying fuck
>Since violence or its threat would have to be used to stop me from saying
>what I want, I would have no moral reservation in using violence in return.
>However I'm a practical man, I don't fight for glory and I don't believe in a
>fair fight. I would only engage in violence if I hopelessly outmatched my
>opponent and victory was virtually assured, unfortunately in dealing with the
>government this never happens, that's why I pay my taxes. I'm no hero, and
>I'm not stupid either.

Fair enough. It just seemed a rather extreme position, given the situation
from which it arose.

> >or showing people fucking to that person's children?
> That is none of my business. I respect other people's rights, all I ask is
> that they respect mine.

Sure, but you *did* use this as an example of one of the things you'd use
violence to preserve your right to do it. Which I thought was a wee tad

> >He [Stallone] hasn't hurt anyone has he? Isn't he free to do what
> >he wants? He's made a lot of money doing something harmless,
> >shouldn't you be cheering him on?
> I agree completely. He's entertained millions hurt nobody and gotten rich
> doing it. It sounds very Extropian to me.

This is what I thought. I suspect there are some nationalistic memes some
people need to root out.