Re: guns and ideas

Dwayne (
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 18:59:35 +1100 (EST)


> From: John K Clark <> writes:
> >Brian D Williams thinks censorship is moral,
> Brian D Williams thinks no such thing, Brian D Williams is
> provoking discussion by playing Devils advocate.
> >If you believe that if your children see a picture of 2 people
> >fucking or even seeing the word "fuck" will ruin them for life
> >then it's your responsibility to stop them from seeing it, not
> >mine. Personally I don't think the matter is important so I won't
> >lift a finger to help you, but they're your kids so I won't try to
> >stop you either, however if you use that tired old excuse to limit
> >my freedom I will fight you with everything I have, including
> >violence if I think I could get away with it.
> I don't believe any such thing, (see above) I'm quite pissed to
> have my life limited in such a way, and I'll just ignore your
> threat.

Would John actually use violence if someone tried to prevent him
from saying fuck or showing people fucking to that person's children?

That's a pretty heavy thought.

> >>What it might do is put an end to "Hollywood Hippocricy" i.e.
> >>Sylvester Stallones conscientious objector status during the
> >>vietnam war only to make million's playing a big gun shooting war
> >>hero later.
> >The man is not a war hero, the man is an actor and that's a
> >perfectly honorable profession. He showed intelligence in getting
> >out of the Vietnam war, more intelligence than most. When it's a
> >question of survival, when a bunch of goons want your labor and
> >try to enslave you so you can perform a very dangerous,
> >unpleasant, and pointless job for them 12 thousand miles away, you
> >do what you have to do to remain free. I wouldn't have held it
> >against him if he shot off his big toe to prevent it, or bribed
> >someone, or pretended to be insane, or showed up at the recruiting
> >office in a strapless evening gown.
> I'm not questioning his choice about the Vietnam War, I've always
> thought the draft was wrong, and such things are a matter of one's
> own choice. I got in considerable trouble for supporting that
> position when I was in the USMC. I had a two star general tell me
> "unofficially" to cease and desist. By the way I was in Boot Camp
> during the fall of Saigon, I enlisted and was 17 years old at the
> time.
> You choose to call what he did after "a perfectly honorable
> profession" (acting), I call it hypocrisy.

As someone who is not from the USA, I find such a comment strange given the
fairly "pro-liberty" overtones to this interminable and occasionally
fascinating thread. He hasn't hurt anyone has he? Isn't he free to do what
he wants? He's made a lot of money doing something harmless, shouldn't you
be cheering him on?

Hell, the irony of it tickles me to death. Good luck to him, I say.

I have a member.