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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 22:18:41 -0500

Wayne Hayes wrote:
> Michael Lorrey <> writes:
> >Its obvious I did not go far enough so that even the most dense
> >subscriber could see satire when they saw it.
> OK, so you were using satire. Ha ha. But recognizing satire requires
> knowing the author well enough to realize that it's out of character, and
> not recognizing it doesn't necessarily imply anything about the reader,
> other than the reader doesn't know you well enough to know whether you're
> kidding or not.
> I apologize for using some "ad hominem" language in my reply to you.
> It *did* seem so off-the-wall that I concluded you were just a nutcase.
> (Mind you, the question could still still open. :-)

Well, since I've been a subscriber to this list for 1.5 years now, and
the >H list for a year or more before that, I would expect that there is
enough of my writing on the list for people to see what I was getting
at. The solution that Kathryn & Comapany would like will take nothing
more than a totalitarian regieme that would make the communist and Nazi
regiemes look like naughty cubscouts. The solution that I propose is
that people acknowledge that violence is enough of a genetic thing that
we will never be able to wipe it out and remain expansive, extropic
creatures. Given this acknowledgement of truth, individuals should
accept the responsibility to a)defend themselves, their property and
their loved ones in a way that minimizes risks to themselves and their
selfsame loved ones, b) work to reduce or change their own actions that
could incite or lead to violent action by others.

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