Re: Optimal Defence of Inherent and Constitutional Rights

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 19:19:24 -0800

> From: (Tony Hollick)
> With experience, it often became possible to see attackers and
> 'attackees' seeking each other out, and pairing off. Many of
> the 'attackees' seemd to give off 'attack me!' signals ('Kick
> me!' signals, in Eric Berne's (albeit flawed) Transactional
> Analysis theory. Clearly, learning to spot 'aggressor' signals
> and suppressing 'victim' flags would be most worthwhile.

My daughter, at 14 years of age, 5 feet of height, and about 95
pounds of weight (and with absolutely no martial-arts training),
could generate "aggressor" signals plain enough to terrify her best
friend when they went out for a walk *together*.

The friend, unfortunately, couldn't stop sending "you're a big bad
wolf and I'm a lame rabbit" signals if she were driving a tank.
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