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> In addition to self protection, another benefit is the recreational.
> I have found that people who initially purchase one gun for self
> protection, practice with it a few times, quickly become hooked on
> the enjoyment of the sporting aspects, and frequently expand their
> collection beyond that that might be reasonably needed for self
> defense, unless they planned on a David Koresh-like showdown with
> federales.

That David Koresh and company were under-armed for such an event is
demonstrated fact.

That they were in fact under-armed as compared to a comparably sized
group of Texans selected at random, is an equally well established --
but less well reported -- fact.

> That 60 million Americans own 200 million guns means that
> those people own an average of 3.333 guns per capita. Self defense
> experts will tell you that there really is no reason to carry
> anything more than one main gun and a small backup, at most. This
> leaves 1.333 guns in the average American gun owners posession
> which really has no defensive purpose.

This assumes that any given firearm will either
*always* be among the first two choices as a defense weapon, or
*never* be among the first two choices as a defense weapon.

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