New Ruger '98 Catalog

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 23 Dec 1997 23:14:19 -0500

Just in case you liberty buffs out there haven't quite gotten what you
expected for X-mas,Newtonmas, Huh?nukah, or whatever, I just got, hot
off the presses, the 1998 Ruger catalog.

New for '98 are the 77/50RS inline percussion muzzle loader rifle, the
77/44RS .44 mag bolt action rifle, and the Ruger Carbine PC9GR (9mil and
.40 cal).

I've tested the muzzle loader, and I can say they have a group at 50
yards of less than an inch, on average. The .44 lever action, in its
second year, which was just reviewed by American Rifleman, and tested to
a 2.4" average group, has undergone an accurizing program which will
bring the average group for that gun down to less than an inch as well,
come February shipments.

Check out:

I've noticed that Ruger is putting out a lot of models in the .44 magnum
pistol round.

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